Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm)
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Product Code: BUR-35


Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm) I Impladent

Impladent is proud to offer our Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm). It features:
  • 3.5mm Ultra-Coarse Diamond (UCD) Bur for fast and effective socket debridement
  • Multiple-use dental diamond bur can typically be used on up to 100 dental procedures
  • UCD Debridement Burs are specifically engineered to quickly and effectively grab and remove granulation tissue following tooth extraction
  • Standard latch type connection for your implant motor, optimal results achieved at slow speeds

Three step procedure to use with OsteoGen Plugs:
Use UCD Bur to remove granulation tissue
Use round bur to decorticate socket walls (create bleeding points) through the lamina dura into the alveolar process
Graft with OsteoGen Plug - deliver Plug dry into bleeding socket, compress to level of soft tissue, suture over top
The Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm) from our dental supply store is specifically designed with a larger grit size, allowing for efficient removal of a substantial amount of tooth structure. This makes this diamond bur ideal for bulk reduction, contouring, and shaping during crown preparations, veneer placements, and other restorative procedures. The coarse grit swiftly and effectively removes material, resulting in reduced chair time and improved patient comfort.

With its superior cutting ability and exceptional durability, the Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm) from Impladent ensures consistent performance throughout its extended lifespan. The diamond particles embedded in its coating deliver enhanced cutting efficiency, enabling dental professionals to achieve precise and smooth tooth contours with ease. This dental diamond bur provides a reliable dental tool for achieving accurate tooth preparations and facilitating the successful placement of dental restorations.

Beyond its primary applications in crown and veneer preparations, this diamond bur also finds utility in other common dental procedures. It can be used for adjusting occlusion, reshaping tooth surfaces, and reducing excessive material in restorations or prosthetics. The versatility of this dental diamond bur makes it a valuable asset for dental professionals seeking efficient and precise tooth contouring in various clinical situations.

If you are looking for a multi-use dental tool to add to your dental practice and help improve your patient's experience, consider this Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm) from our online dental store. Order today!