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Impladent, the top-rated provider for dental grafting products including dental membranes and OsteoGen® Plugs, offers a comprehensive range of dental graft accessories designed to enhance efficiency and precision in bone grafting procedures. We take pride in providing high-quality tools that cater to the needs of dental professionals, ensuring optimal results for every patient. Our suite of products includes the 3-Piece Trephine, Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat, Blood Syringe, Digital Calipers, Sinus Elevation Syringe, and Straight Barrel Syringe. Learn more about our amazing dental graft accessories below, and shop with us today!

3-Piece Trephine

The 3-Piece Trephine is a versatile bone grafting tool that aids in the precise and controlled harvesting of bone grafts. Made from durable materials, this trephine set allows for consistent results while minimizing tissue trauma. Dental professionals can rely on the accuracy and reliability of our 3-Piece Trephine to streamline their bone grafting procedures. From dental implant placements to apicoectomy and bone harvesting, this versatile dental supply is perfect for your dental facility. Get yours today.

Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat

Another essential tool in our lineup is the Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat, which promotes hemostasis and helps in the management of bleeding during bone grafting surgeries. Our hemostatic agent is easy to use and effectively controls bleeding, allowing clinicians to work with confidence and precision. Effective for controlling arterial bleeding and conforms and adheres to irregular spaces, this dental tool is a must-have for your dental office. Check it out today.

Blood Syringe

Our Blood Syringe is designed to simplify the process of aspirating blood for use in bone grafting procedures. With a user-friendly design and reliable performance, our blood syringe is an indispensable tool for clinicians seeking efficiency and convenience in their practice. Ergonomic and safe, this blood syringe helps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and helps with anesthetic solutions administration. Order this top-rated dental tool today.

Digital Calipers

Precision is key in bone grafting procedures, which is why we offer Digital Calipers to help clinicians accurately measure bone dimensions and make informed decisions during surgeries. Our digital calipers provide precise measurements with minimal error, contributing to the overall success of bone grafting procedures. With our digital calipers, you can expect precise and accurate measurements that are quick and easy and an easy-to-read display that offers both inches and millimeters. Shop with our dental supply store today.

Sinus Elevation Syringe

For sinus lift procedures, our Sinus Elevation Syringe offers controlled and precise delivery of bone graft materials, facilitating the augmentation of the maxillary sinus with ease. Dental professionals can trust the efficacy of our sinus elevation syringe in achieving optimal outcomes for their patients. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of handling and accurate augmentation of the maxillary sinus, contributing to successful outcomes in bone grafting surgeries. Trust Impladent for superior sinus elevation solutions, and order today.

Straight Barrel Syringe

Lastly, our Straight Barrel Syringe is a versatile tool that enables the controlled injection of bone graft materials with precision. The ergonomic design of our straight barrel syringe ensures comfortable handling and accurate delivery of graft materials, enhancing the overall efficiency of bone grafting procedures. This dental tool allows for controlled delivery, ensuring the placement of graft materials is accurate and efficient. Whether performing sinus lifts, ridge augmentations, or other bone grafting surgeries, the Straight Barrel Syringe provides dental professionals with the capability to enhance precision and achieve optimal results for their patients. Order today.

The Importance of Our Bone Grafting Accessories for Your Dental Office

Impladent's bone grafting accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and precision of procedures within your dental office. By incorporating Impladent's bone grafting accessories into your dental office, you are investing in dental tools that optimize your practice's performance and ensure top-notch patient care. These bone graft accessories streamline procedures, increase efficiency, and elevate the level of precision in bone grafting surgeries. Dental professionals can rely on Impladent's high-quality tools to enhance their capabilities and achieve superior results for their patients.

Having these bone graft accessories on hand can make a significant difference in the success of bone grafting procedures, leading to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. With Impladent's bone grafting accessories, your dental office can operate more effectively, provide better care, and distinguish itself as a leader in the field. Trust Impladent to equip your office with the tools necessary for achieving excellence in bone grafting procedures and elevating the standard of care for your patients.


At Impladent, we are committed to providing dental professionals with innovative dental tools that elevate their practice and deliver superior patient care. Our range of bone graft accessories is designed to meet the evolving needs of bone grafting procedures, offering efficiency, precision, and reliability in every use.

In addition, our OsteoGen® Plugs are essential for achieving optimal bone regeneration outcomes by providing a reliable and biocompatible solution for socket grafting procedures. Paired with the OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane, these dental products offer comprehensive support for guided bone regeneration, promoting successful implant placement and long-term stability. When used in conjunction with our bone grafting accessories, your patients will have everything they need for their successful dental procedures. Trust Impladent, a one-stop shop for bone grafting supplies, for high-quality dental tools that enhance your professional capabilities and elevate the standard of care in bone grafting. Order online today.