3-Piece Trephine
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3-Piece Trephine I Impladent

Impladent is proud to offer our 3-Piece Trephine. It features:
  • Includes Removable Trephine Head, Contra Angle Shaft, and Removal Tool
  • Size: 2.3 mm Inner Diameter
  • Size: 3.0 mm Outer Diameter

When it comes to dental implant procedures, the accuracy and precision of the instruments used are critical to success. Impladent's 3-Piece Trephine is a versatile dental tool that plays a vital role in various dental surgeries.

The 3-Piece Trephine from our dental supply store is a specialized surgical trephine instrument designed for a range of dental procedures, primarily dental implant surgeries. It consists of three components: a trephine handle, a hollow cylindrical body, and a removable trephine drill. The trephine body is available in various diameters, catering to different implant sizes, while the drill is designed to create a precise and circular osteotomy during the implant site preparation.

Unveiling the Uses of Our 3-Piece Trephine
1. Dental Implant Placement: The trephine drill creates a perfectly shaped socket, allowing for accurate placement of dental implants. This leads to improved primary stability and ensures long-term success.

2. Bone Harvesting and Grafting: This bone trephine can also be used for bone harvesting and grafting procedures. With its uniform shape and size, it provides a high-quality bone graft material, which can be utilized for ridge augmentation or sinus lift procedures.

3. Apicoectomy: The 3-Piece Trephine can be utilized in apicoectomy procedures, precisely removing the root apex while preserving healthy bone tissue.

From dental implant placement to bone grafting and apicoectomy procedures, Impladent's 3-Piece Trephine demonstrates its versatility and crucial role in optimizing dental surgeries. With its precision and ease of use, this surgical trephine facilitates successful outcomes and boosts patient satisfaction. Order from our online dental store today!

  • Consistent and controlled removal of bone
  • Flexible for dental implant placement
  • Designed for optimal patient comfort