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CancellOss Mineralized Cancellous Bone Matrix Allograft photo of CurOss - Large Particle Cortical photo of NonDemin - Cortical Bone Powder
CancellOss 1.0cc - ... CurOss 1.0cc - ... NonDemin 1.0cc - ...
OsteoDemin Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Allograft photo of "50/50" Cortical / Cancellous
OsteoDemin 0.5cc - ... 50/50 Cortical & Cancellous -...

Human Bone Allograft

We carry mineralized bone matrix in several forms that are ideal for reinforcing jaw bones around dental implants. Mineralized cancellous bone matrix allograft promotes rapid cellular growth and bone regeneration. Mineralized bone matrix stimulates bone formation while providing a scaffold for new bone growth. Cancellous bone powder can be used to fill small voids, adding surface support. Severely atrophied bones can be built up with bone blocks.

All human allograft material carried by Impladent, Ltd. is sourced from U.S. tissue banks and tested in accordance with the Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and FDA standards. Each lot is sourced from a single donor, with no pooling of donor tissue. Most products come with a completed donor chart. This chart includes results for several tests, including medical and social history evaluations.