OsteoGen® Malleable Bone Block 10mm x 15mm x 17mm (Box of 2)
OsteoGen Block -Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Block
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OsteoGen® Malleable Bone Block
Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Block
10mm x 15mm x 17mm (Box of 2 Blocks)

* OsteoGen® Block is used in onlay grafting procedures and is malleable and will adapt to the contours of defect site.

* The Bovine Achilles Tendon collagen carries the graft for easy and efficient delivery to the site, eliminating the hassle and time spent mixing and packing particulate grafts while also eliminating the potential for graft wash out.

* Decorticate the site (make bleeders) and deliver the Block to allow absorption of blood flow. Secure using TriStar® tenting screws.

* OsteoGen® is a bioactive and resorbable calcium apatite crystal graft that is physicochemically & crystallographically similar to human bone.

* The Type I collagen absorbs and deliver blood flow to the slowly resorbing graft, a feature critical for the initiation of formation and early angiogenesis.

* Non-Ceramic highly porous crystals physicochemically similar to trabecular bone

* OsteoGen® Block has a 4 year of shelf life

* OsteoGen® Crystals and crystal clusters proven safe, reliable and clinically effective for use with implants for over 30 years

OsteoGen® Malleable Bone Block Information Sheet

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