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CancellOss Mineralized Cancellous Bone Matrix Allograft photo of CurOss - Large Particle Cortical photo of NonDemin - Cortical Bone Powder
CancellOss 1.0cc - ... CurOss 1.0cc - ... NonDemin 1.0cc - ...
photo of "50/50" Cortical / Cancellous
50/50 Cortical & Cancellous -...

Mineralized Human Bone Matrix Allograft

Mineralized bone allograft is bone tissue taken from another human and cleaned and processed for use in surgeries. One use of bone allograft in the dental profession is to add volume and density to an area where bone loss has occurred. During procedures such as socket removal, allograft is needed to ensure there is a stable structure for successfully placing the implant. These allografts help to stimulate bone formation while providing a scaffold for new bone growth. This allows the implant to remain in place and support powerful motions such as chewing. We carry several types of allograft and mineralized bone matrix to ensure you have the proper tools to get the job done right.