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The Role of Bone Grafting in Full Mouth Rehabilitation: How Impladent's Products Support Long-Term Success

Bone grafting plays a crucial role in full mouth rehabilitation, restoring structure and function for patients with severe bone loss. At Impladent, we are dedicated to providing effective dental products that support long-term success in these complex procedures. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of bone grafting and how Impladent's innovative solutions ensure successful outcomes for patients. Get started today.

Why Bone Grafting Is Essential

Bone grafting is a vital aspect of full mouth rehabilitation, as it addresses the loss of bone density caused by factors such as periodontal disease, tooth extractions, or trauma. Without adequate bone support, dental implants may fail to integrate properly, resulting in compromised stability and longevity. By using bone grafts, dentists can enhance the implant site's condition, promoting new bone growth and creating a solid foundation for successful implant placement.

The Benefits of Impladent's Products

At Impladent, we've developed a range of bone grafting products specifically designed to support the bone grafting process, ensuring optimal and long-lasting results. Our dental supplies provide several key benefits:

Allografts: Impladent's allografts are sourced from human donors and processed to remove all non-vital components, ensuring safety and minimizing the risk of disease transmission. Allografts offer an excellent alternative, especially for patients who prefer human-derived graft materials. The use of allografts can help stimulate the body's natural healing processes and promote successful bone regeneration.

Dental Membranes: To ensure proper healing and protect the graft site, we offer resorbable and non-resorbable dental membranes. These dental membranes prevent soft tissue ingrowth, promoting the growth of new bone and facilitating optimal healing. Additionally, the use of dental membranes can aid in maintaining graft volume and shape, ensuring the stability of surrounding tissues.

Our OsteoGen® Plugs and OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membranes

OsteoGen® Plugs are a synthetic bone grafting solution that offers several key advantages. Made from highly purified hydroxyapatite, these plugs mimic the composition of natural bone, promoting rapid integration and bone regeneration. The synthetic nature of OsteoGen® Plugs eliminates the risk of disease transmission associated with traditional grafts, ensuring patient safety.

OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membranes are biocompatible and highly flexible membranes that serve as a barrier during bone grafting procedures. This resorbable membrane protects the graft site from soft tissue ingrowth, ensuring undisturbed bone regeneration. The membrane's barrier function also aids in maintaining graft volume and shape.

Both of these dental products can help with full-mouth rehabilitation. With their superior biocompatibility, sustained release of essential minerals, and reliable barrier function, these products offer dental professionals the tools they need to achieve successful bone regeneration and implant integration. Learn more today.

Innovative Delivery System: Impladent's products feature advanced delivery systems that enhance the ease of use for dental professionals, allowing precise and efficient bone graft placement. This not only saves valuable chair time but also ensures consistent and predictable results. The innovative delivery system reduces potential complications during bone grafting procedures, contributing to a higher success rate.

Our Bone Grafting Accessories: To support your dental practice, we offer a wide range of bone grafing accessories that complement our bone grafting products and help make your job easier. From the 3-Piece Trephine to Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat, we've got your needs covered. Explore today.

Long-Term Success

The utilization of Impladent's bone grafting products significantly contributes to long-term success in full mouth rehabilitation. By supporting new bone growth, our products create a robust foundation that improves implant stability and longevity. This enhances patients' overall satisfaction and reduces the risk of complications such as implant failure or bone resorption, ensuring optimal oral health and functionality for years to come.

Additionally, Impladent's commitment to research and development ensures that our dental products stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of bone grafting. Our dedication to quality and innovation has resulted in products that consistently meet and exceed industry standards. This commitment translates into improved patient outcomes and long-term success.


In full mouth rehabilitation, bone grafting plays a crucial role in creating a strong foundation for successful dental implantation. At Impladent, our dedication to providing quality products that support the bone grafting process is evident in the materials we offer. Our xenografts, allografts, membranes, and delivery systems all contribute to long-term success, ensuring patients achieve optimal oral health and functionality.

Trust Impladent's products for reliable bone grafting solutions that result in remarkable full mouth rehabilitation outcomes. With Impladent's innovative solutions, dental professionals can confidently restore patients' smiles and improve their quality of life. Contact us today.