TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System - Starter Kit - Includes 15 screws, Titanium Mesh and Two Vials of Bone Graft
TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System
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TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System - Starter Kit - Includes 15 screws, Titanium Mesh and
Two Vials of Bone Graft

TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System - Starter Kit

Impladent, a trusted leader in dental supply solutions, presents the TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System - Starter Kit. This innovative kit offers dental professionals a comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable bone graft fixation. Kit includes 15 screws, mesh, 2 vials of bone graft, handle, driver, and sterilization cassette.

* Kit includes 15 screws, mesh, 2 vials of bone graft, handle, driver & sterilization cassette

* Starter Kit System Includes your choice of 15 screws (3 packs of 5 screws - 3mm, 4mm and 5mm most popular)

* 0.1mm thick titanium mesh has no memory

* One large sheet of titanium mesh (40 x 60mm) or 3 smaller ones (18 x 25mm) included

* 0.75g (1.5cc) Bioactive hydrophilic OsteoGen® Graft and 1.0cc NonDemin™ Mineralized Cortical Bone Allograft included

* Squarelock Driver of 48.0mm long with black handle Connection ensures an ultra-secure fit using only 1 tool to deliver any screw

* Latch Driver tool for your hand piece

* Partially threaded & tapered design on screws above 5mm can be used to secure bone blocks or as adjustable flat head tenting screws

Product Description:

The TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System consists of titanium alloy self-drilling screws which are tapered and have a maximum diameter from 1.55mm to 1.75mm with lengths of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 24mm. The screws are manufactured using a Ti-6Al-4V alloy (ASTM F-136) and adhere to standards tested under ASTM F-543.

This system also includes a number of accessories used to fixate the screws and/or membranes or bone blocks to the host bone including a square-headed morse tapered hand screwdriver, screwdriver handle, and latch-type driver. The system includes titanium mesh in 40mm x 60mm or 18mm x 25mm sizes each having a thickness of 0.1mm. The screws and titanium mesh are designed to be removed from the patient after such time when sufficient bone regeneration is demonstrated. The devices are sold non-sterile. Single-use only.

Each screw in the TriStar® Bone Graft Fixation System is self-drilling and does not require the clinician to pre-drill a hole in the host.

Each screw also features the Impladent Ltd. tapered SquareLock Connection which provides an ultra-secure fit that allows the user to pick up and deliver the screw using only one tool, reduces driver slippage, and provides excellent driving torque upon delivery.

All short screws (3mm, 4mm, and 5mm) are designed to secure titanium mesh and membranes. There is no need to use an additional tool or a mallet to deliver.

All medium-length screws (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm) are partially threaded having a tapered neck. Tenting screws for the OsteoGen Malleable Bone Block. These screws are designed to secure bone blocks and adjustable tenting screws. For bone blocks, the partially unthreaded portion functions as a lag screw and provides intimate contact of the bone to the host. Use a 2.0mm drill to drill through the dense human bone block. Blocks secured by fully threaded screws cannot achieve this level of host adaptability without the thread binding to the block and pulling away from the host.

The tapered design on the medium-length screws also functions as an Adjustable Tenting Screw allowing the clinician to adjust the height/direction from 1-2mm when used in tenting procedures. Competitor tenting screws have an interrupted shelf in-between the threaded and unthreaded portions which locks in the height of the tenting portion of the screw. Our tapered design allows the clinician to adjust the height of the “tent pole” to suit the clinical application. Additional longer fully threaded screws are available in lengths of 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 24mm for Vertical Vascular Osteotomy Procedures. All screws received a patent in 2021.

The TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System is a dental supply that provides a secure and stable fixation method for bone grafts during the healing process. The kit includes specially designed titanium screws and fixation plates, which ensure optimal stability of the graft material. The TriStar system's reliable fixation minimizes movement and displacement, allowing for successful integration of the graft and promoting proper bone regeneration.

mpladent understands that each patient and graft site may have unique requirements. The TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System offers versatility in its design, allowing dental professionals to adapt the fixation components to fit various bone graft sizes and shapes. With adjustable plates and screws, the kit provides flexibility in achieving an ideal fit, ultimately facilitating successful graft incorporation.

The TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The user-friendly instruments and self-drilling screws minimize the procedural steps and reduce the time required for graft fixation. Dental professionals can appreciate the convenience of the TriStar Starter Kit, a dental supply that includes all the necessary components, ensuring a smooth and streamlined workflow during bone grafting procedures.

The TriStar Bone Graft Fixation System - Starter Kit from Impladent offers dental professionals a comprehensive and reliable dental supply solution for bone graft fixation. With its secure and stable fixation, versatile design, ease of use, and high-quality materials, the TriStar system ensures successful integration and proper bone regeneration during dental implant procedures. Order this top-rated dental supply online today!

Screw Length Threaded/Unthreaded
3.0 mm Fully Threaded
4.0 mm Fully Threaded
5.0 mm Fully Threaded
6.0 mm 4mm/2mm
8.0 mm 5mm/3mm
10.0 mm 5mm/5mm
12.0 mm 6mm/6mm
14.0 mm 7mm/7mm
15.0 mm Fully Threaded
18.0 mm Fully Threaded
21.0 mm Fully Threaded
24.0 mm Fully Threaded