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Exploring the Different Applications of Human Bone Allografts in Dentistry

Human bone allografts are becoming increasingly popular in dentistry due to their versatility and positive clinical outcomes. At Impladent, we offer a wide range of human bone allograft products that cater to various dental procedures, revolutionizing the field of restorative dentistry. Learn more below, and contact us today.

Bone Augmentation

One of the primary applications of human bone allografts in dentistry is bone augmentation. Dental implants require a sufficient amount of healthy bone for successful integration. However, patients with inadequate bone density may not be suitable candidates for dental implants. In such cases, human bone allografts can be utilized to augment the bone volume and create a suitable environment for implant placement. Our allograft products provide an excellent scaffold for new bone growth and aid in the preservation of the alveolar ridge.

Ridge Preservation

Furthermore, human bone allografts find applications in ridge preservation. Following tooth extraction, alveolar bone resorption occurs, resulting in a loss of vertical and horizontal dimensions. This loss can create challenges for future dental restorations. By using human bone allografts, we can preserve the dimensions of the ridge, preventing bone loss and providing a stable foundation for prosthetic treatments. Our allografts promote osteogenesis and osteoconduction, facilitating the regeneration of the alveolar bone.

Sinus Lifting Procedures

In addition to bone augmentation and ridge preservation, human bone allografts are also used in sinus lifting procedures. When the maxillary sinus expands and encroaches upon the posterior region of the upper jaw, it can limit the available bone for dental implant placement. Sinus lifting techniques involve elevating the sinus membrane and adding bone graft material to increase the height of the alveolar ridge. Impladent's human bone allografts are the ideal choice for sinus lifting procedures, as they possess osteoinductive properties that promote bone regeneration and facilitate successful implant placement.

Periodontal Defects

Furthermore, human bone allografts have found significant applications in the treatment of periodontal defects. Periodontal disease can lead to the destruction of supporting tissues, resulting in deep periodontal pockets and bone loss around teeth. Using human bone allografts in conjunction with guided tissue regeneration techniques can promote the regeneration of lost periodontal tissues and improve overall periodontal health. Our allografts effectively support tissue regeneration, leading to the formation of healthy periodontal structures.

Some of Our Human Bone Allografts

CancellOss™ Mineralized Cancellous Bone Matrix Allograft

CancellOss™ is our flagship mineralized cancellous bone matrix allograft. This allograft is derived from meticulously processed human bone, specifically from cancellous (spongy) bone tissue. CancellOss™ offers an ideal three-dimensional scaffold that promotes new bone growth and integration. With its high porosity and excellent osteoconductive properties, CancellOss™ facilitates efficient vascularization and cell infiltration, leading to successful bone regeneration. CancellOss™ is commonly used in procedures such as socket preservation, ridge augmentation, and defects requiring volume restoration.

CurOss® Large Particle Mineralized Bone Allograft

CurOss® is another exceptional product within our human bone allograft range. CurOss® is a large particle mineralized bone allograft that combines the advantages of both cortical and cancellous bone. This unique composition provides a versatile grafting material with excellent handling properties. Due to its larger particle size, CurOss® offers increased stability and structural support, making it an excellent choice for grafting large defects or areas requiring enhanced strength. CurOss® effectively supports bone regeneration and is often used in ridge augmentation, sinus floor elevation, and periodontal defects.

NonDemin™ Mineralized Cortical Bone Matrix Allograft

NonDemin™ is our mineralized cortical bone matrix allograft, specifically processed from cortical (compact) bone tissue. NonDemin™ is renowned for its exceptional structural integrity, ideal for cases where load-bearing capacity and stability are of primary importance. It provides a robust scaffold for bone growth and offers excellent osteoconductive properties. NonDemin™ is commonly employed in procedures requiring the reconstruction or augmentation of cortical bone defects, such as jaw reconstructive surgeries or ridge augmentation procedures.


Human bone allografts have revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry by offering versatile applications in various dental procedures. At Impladent, we take pride in our wide range of human bone allograft products that cater to bone augmentation, ridge preservation, sinus lifting, and periodontal defect treatments. Our allografts provide an excellent scaffold for new bone growth and aid in the regeneration of vital oral structures. Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have and to ensure you have the right dental products for your needs. Choose Impladent for your dental bone graft needs and experience the difference that our high-quality allografts can make in your practice. Contact us today.