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is a leading provider of advanced dental products and solutions, dedicated to enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes. Our innovative bone grafting products, including OsteoGen® Plugs and OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane, are designed to support successful bone regeneration and tissue repair in dental procedures. As a bone grafting products company, we serve dentists worldwide. Learn some great tips to help minimize complications in bone grafting procedures. Shop with us today.

Comprehensive Patient Evaluation

Dentists should conduct a thorough patient evaluation, including assessing medical history, medications, and underlying health conditions that could impact the bone grafting process. It is important to evaluate the existing bone structure to determine the most suitable grafting technique and materials for each patient.

Precise Treatment Planning

Developing a detailed treatment plan is essential for the success of a bone grafting procedure. Dentists should outline specific goals such as bone volume augmentation, socket preservation, or sinus lift techniques. Utilizing advanced imaging technologies like CBCT scans can help visualize anatomical structures accurately and plan the surgical approach with precision.

Selection of Appropriate Grafting Materials

Choosing high-quality grafting materials based on patients' needs and desired outcomes is crucial. Dentists should consider options such as autogenous bone grafts, allografts, xenografts, or alloplastic materials based on factors like bone quality and extent of bone loss.

OsteoGen® Plugs are premium bone grafting plugs that offer superior handling and biocompatibility for effective bone regeneration. These plugs are made from high-quality, osteoconductive material that promotes new bone growth and integration. With a reliable resorption profile, OsteoGen® Plugs provide long-lasting support for bone healing and enhance the stability of dental implants.

Our OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane is a versatile solution for guided bone and tissue regeneration in dental surgeries. This innovative membrane is crafted from resorbable pericardium material, providing excellent flexibility and adaptability during procedures. OsteoFlex™ Membrane supports optimal tissue healing and reduces the risk of post-operative complications, ensuring a smooth and successful recovery process for patients.

Maintenance of Sterile Surgical Environment

Ensuring a sterile surgical environment is paramount in minimizing complications. Dentists should follow strict infection control protocols and use sterile instruments and equipment to reduce the risk of contamination and promote successful healing. Maintaining a clean and organized surgical area is essential for reducing the risk of contamination. Proper storage of instruments and supplies, as well as regular cleaning and disinfection of the environment, are necessary steps to uphold sterility. Using sterile covers and barriers on equipment during procedures further mitigates the risk of contamination.

Skillful Surgical Technique

Dentists should employ precise and gentle surgical techniques to minimize trauma to surrounding tissues during bone grafting procedures. Skillful surgical approaches reduce the risk of complications and enhance the overall success of the surgery. Minimally invasive techniques should be considered to promote quicker recovery for patients. And, of course, using the best dental grafting products, such as OsteoGen® Plugs and OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane, is recommended as well.

Post-Operative Care and Follow-Up

Providing comprehensive post-operative care and scheduling regular follow-up appointments are essential for successful bone grafting procedures. Dentists should offer thorough post-operative instructions, including guidelines for oral hygiene, diet restrictions, and medication management. Regular follow-up appointments allow for monitoring of healing progress and addressing any potential complications to ensure a rapid healing process.


By following these recommendations, dentists can minimize complications in bone grafting procedures and optimize outcomes for their patients. Our bone grafting products company is dedicated to providing dentists with the tools and support needed to ensure safe, effective, and successful bone grafting procedures.

In addition to our top-rated OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane and OsteoGen® Plugs, we also offer human bone allografts and bone grafting accessories. Impladent's human bone allografts are carefully processed to preserve the natural osteoconductive properties of the bone tissue, promoting new bone growth and integration. These allografts are available in various forms, including granules, blocks, and putty, allowing dentists to choose the most suitable option for each patient's specific needs and treatment goals.

In addition to our human bone allografts, Impladent offers a wide range of bone grafting accessories to support efficient and precise bone grafting procedures. Our bone grafting accessories include specialized instruments, graft containment devices, membrane fixation screws, and sutures, among others, to facilitate optimal outcomes in bone regeneration and tissue augmentation.

Trust in our products and expertise to help you deliver exceptional care and achieve outstanding results in every bone grafting procedure. Shop with us today.

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