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How Impladent's Bone Grafting Products Improve Oral Health and Function

Impladent is committed to improving oral health and function through the use of our advanced bone grafting products. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting bone tissue or synthetic materials to replace or stimulate the growth of new bone in the jaw. Learn more below, and get in touch today.

Restores Lost Bone Tissue

One of the primary benefits of Impladent's bone grafting products is their ability to restore lost bone tissue. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the surrounding bone naturally begins to resorb or shrink. This can lead to a decrease in jawbone density and compromise the overall oral health and function. Our bone grafting products provide a solution by promoting the growth of new bone cells, which helps to restore bone volume and structure.

Our Bone Grafting Materials

At Impladent, we utilize a variety of bone grafting materials, including autogenous bone grafts, allografts, and synthetic grafts. Autogenous bone grafts involve using the patient's own bone tissue, typically harvested from another site in the body. Allografts, on the other hand, are sourced from a donor and processed to remove all cells to minimize the risk of rejection. Synthetic grafts are artificial materials designed to mimic the characteristics of natural bone. Each type of bone graft has its own unique benefits and may be recommended based on the individual patient's needs and circumstances.

Our Bone Grafting Products

Impladent's bone grafting products are carefully selected to ensure optimal results. Our team of experienced dental professionals considers factors such as biocompatibility, osteoconductivity, and resorption rate in choosing the most suitable grafting material for each patient. This ensures that the grafting material effectively integrates with the surrounding bone, promotes new bone growth, and provides a stable foundation for dental implants or other restorations.

  • OsteoGen® Plugs are one of Impladent's innovative bone grafting products. Made of biocompatible materials, these plugs are designed to enhance bone growth and aid in the successful integration of dental implants. OsteoGen® Plugs provide a stable and supportive environment for the surrounding bone, minimizing the risk of complications and promoting optimal healing.

  • OsteoFlex™ resorbable pericardium membranes are another key component of Impladent's bone grafting products. These membranes are derived from the pericardium, a thin tissue layer surrounding the heart. OsteoFlex™ membranes act as protective barriers, preventing the soft tissue from invading the grafted area while allowing for the regeneration of new bone. The resorbable nature of these membranes eliminates the need for a second surgical procedure for removal.

  • Impladent also offers Human Bone Allograft, which is sourced from carefully screened and tested donors. This bone grafting material provides a natural scaffold for bone regeneration and is particularly useful in cases where patients have insufficient bone volume for dental implant placement. Human Bone Allograft is processed and treated to ensure its safety and effectiveness in promoting bone growth and integration.

  • Additionally, Impladent's OsteoGen Crystals & Crystal Clusters are finely processed bone grafting materials that serve as osteogenic agents. These crystals and clusters contain growth factors and bone-forming cells, promoting new bone growth and accelerating the healing process. OsteoGen Crystals & Crystal Clusters are versatile and can be used as standalone grafting materials or combined with other bone grafts to enhance their osteogenic potential.

The Benefits of Improving Oral Health & Function

Eases Dental Implant Placement

The use of bone grafting products has numerous advantages in improving oral health and function. Firstly, they enable the placement of dental implants in cases where there is insufficient bone density. Implants require a certain amount of bone volume and quality to be successfully anchored in the jaw. By using bone grafts, we can build up the jawbone and create a solid foundation for the implants, ensuring their long-term stability and success.

Preserves Jawbone

Bone grafting also plays a crucial role in preserving the jawbone and preventing further bone loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone in that area naturally begins to resorb. This can cause adjoining teeth to shift, affect facial aesthetics, and lead to a deterioration in oral function. By replacing lost bone tissue with grafting materials, we can maintain the overall bone volume and structure, preserving the jawbone and supporting neighboring teeth.

Complements Other Dental Procedures

In addition to dental implants, bone grafting can be used to enhance other dental procedures, such as ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. Ridge augmentation involves building up the ridge of the jawbone to create a more suitable foundation for restorations, while sinus lifts involve lifting the sinus membrane to create space for implant placement in the upper jaw. By using bone grafting products, we can optimize the success and outcome of these procedures, improving both oral health and function.

Our Difference

Impladent's bone grafting products are backed by scientific research and innovation, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Our dental professionals stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in bone grafting techniques and materials to provide patients with the most advanced and reliable treatment options.


Impladent's bone grafting products play a vital role in improving oral health and function. They help restore lost bone tissue, facilitate the placement of dental implants, preserve the jawbone, and enhance the success of other dental procedures. With our expertise and the utilization of bone grafting products, patients can expect improved oral health, function, and a confident smile. Learn more today.