OsteoGen® Strips - Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft
OsteoGen Strip - Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft
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OsteoGen® Strip

The Impladent Ltd OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Strip infuses bone graft into a collagen strip to eliminate the problems associated with particulate migration. Features and benefits include:

* Flexible strips easily conform to the grafting site, eliminating gaps in bony walls

* Eliminates chance of particulate wash out; crystals are contained in the collagen

* Use around immediate implant placement to fill gaps between the implant & socket wall

* Use as a mineralized collagen cover to contain particulates in extraction sites

* Use for sinus lifts instead of particulates

* Easy and effective ridge expansion, can be curved over a narrow ridge for added width

* Can be folded or layered to created added volume and packed into defect space

* OsteoGen ® Strips have 4 Years of Shelf Life

* Extremely porous and hydrophilic

* Can be used as a mineralized scaffold for added growth factors or autologous serum

* Available in two sizes: Large - 20 mm x 40mm x 3mm and Small - 12mm x 20mm x 3mm

The Impladent Ltd OsteoGen® The OsteoGen® bone grafting strip from Impladent Ltd. infuses bone grafting crystals into a collagen sheet, allowing it to function much like the OsteoGen plug. These strips are thin, allowing them to be placed in narrow openings caused by socket extractions. They eliminate issues associated with particulate migration by filling the void space left behind by the tooth and promote healthy bone growth. The bioactive resorbable calcium apatite crystals and bovine Achilles tendon collagen work together to control the migration of connective tissues for faster healing. The OsteoGen strip is also an easy-to-use, simple solution for sinus lifts and grafting gaps between the implant and extraction socket wall.

These collagen strips are extremely flexible and can be easily folded into layers to help pack in defect spaces. They can also be molded to fit narrow ridges and cut into smaller pieces for more precise placement. When it comes to socket extractions and patient recovery after dental surgery, OsteoGen has some of the best tools and materials available. Prevent particulate washout by covering and containing particulates with OsteoGen strips today.