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OsteoGen Strip - Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft OsteoGen Block -Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Block
OsteoGen Strip - Resorbable Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft (Box of 2) OsteoGen Malleable Bone Block (Box of 2)

OsteoGen Strips & Blocks

OsteoGen strips are flexible, conforming to the grafting site to eliminate gaps. They are made from mineralized collagen to assist with controlled predictable bone growth, while also preventing any particulates from agitating the extraction site. These collagen strips form a barrier, eliminating the chance of washout. Their flexible and easy-to-use nature makes them ideal for filling gaps between the implant and socket wall.

These bone grafting strips for dental work are extremely hydrophilic, absorbing blood to help speed up the healing process. The bone collagen for these strips is taken from the Achilles tendon of bovine, giving them a similar structure to human bone, and allowing for easy resorption. OsteoGen strips also make for a great alternative to particulates for sinus lifts. We offer these in large 20 x 40 mm and small 12 x 20 mm sizes. Both strips are 3 mm thick.

For larger gaps, consider our bone block: A block of resorbable mineralized collagen that is thicker than the strips for larger gaps. This malleable bone block can also be cut into smaller pieces for an ideal fit in any socket or tooth extraction site. Each bone block graft measures 10 x 15 x 17 mm.