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OsteoFlexâ„¢ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane

OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane

The OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane is an excellent choice for a flexible, long-lasting membrane, and it can be used with the OsteoGen® Plugs when the buccal wall is missing. It’s available in three sizes to fit any mouth.

Exceptional Handling Properties The OsteoFlex™ is easy to place and reposition when hydrated. It has no memory, becoming highly flexible and adaptable to the contours of the defect site.

Can Be Stretched and Sutured The OsteoFlex™ has a high tensile strength, yielding a membrane with excellent resistance to suture pullout. The membrane can be used with the TriStar® tenting screw system to establish increased ridge height and width.

Naturally Extended Resorption The OsteoFlex™ membrane achieves prolonged barrier function (over three months) while maintaining a naturally microporous collagen structure without any chemical crosslinkers, ensuring optimal tissue integration.

Benefits of the OsteoFlex Membrane Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a common technique in implant dentistry and is used in the treatment of bony defects. During GBR, the dentist will need to seal off the anatomic site where the bone is regenerating in order to ensure a healthy bone structure and that no foreign contanimates form an infection in the site. Membranes are often used due to their function as both biological and mechanical barriers against unwanted cells that are not involved in bone formation. The OsteoFlex resorbable pericardial membrane is an exceptional dental membrane capable of extreme flexibility and durability. This memoryless membrane can contour to complex defect sites for long periods of time, allowing for a successful and easy bone regeneration or bone graft.

Membranes, Wound Dressing, and Tooth Extraction Kits

Extracting teeth is relatively easy, but sealing the hole left behind and encouraging healing can be difficult. These tooth extraction kits come with collagen wound dressings that aid in this healing process. This material won’t stick to surgical instruments and can be applied to bleeding areas. Collagen wound dressings are absorbed by the body over time, creating a seal that promotes recovery and won’t need to be removed once the area is healed. Collagen plugs are pliable enough to be pushed into hollow spaces, while pericardium membranes add support when the buccal wall is missing.

The collagen used in these products is sourced from bovine Achilles tendons. The cows used are from New Zealand, a country that has never had a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy.