Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat
Avitene Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat

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Product Code: FLOUR

AVITENE Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat

* A collagen hemostat indicated for all surgical procedures, including dental
* Effective in controlling arterial bleeding
* Conforms and adheres to irregular spaces
* Easy removal with irrigation and suction
* Available in 0.5 gram containers

Product Description

™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat is an active collagen hemostat proven to accelerate clot formation. Collagen accelerates clot formation by enhancing platelet aggregation and the release of proteins to form fibrin, resulting in hemostasis. Avitene powder is used during dental surgery and procedures such as tooth extractions to cause a blood clot in the tooth socket after the extraction. This clot helps to protect the bone during healing, and it also prevents dry socket, which exposes the bone. Normally blood will clot on its own; however, the use of microfibrillar collagens such as Avitene can cause the clot to form quicker, providing a foundation for the growth of new bone and the development of soft tissue.