OsteoGen® Presser
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The OsteoGen® Plug Presser℠:
  • Used to compress and add density to OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs for reinforcing and rebuilding the buccal plate
  • Can be combined with OsteoGen® Dense Pellets for increased support
  • Pressing and twisting motion can be used to morselize pellets, allograft, or autogenous bone
  • Surgical stainless steel with a "black diamond finish"
A dental bone graft may become necessary when bone loss has occurred in the jaw. This procedure adds volume and density to the jaw at the site of the bone loss. It is commonly performed prior to dental implant placement and is performed by packing allograft into the extraction site or area of bone loss. If the allograft is not placed firmly, then it may not bond properly or become loose. Ensure a firm allograft placement with the OsteoGen Plug Presser, a simple tool used by oral surgeons to tightly pack in human bone allograft without causing additional irritation to the patient’s gum line. The Plug Presser is a must-have for any dental professional who performs frequent bone extractions.