#6 Round Carbide Bur
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#6 Round Carbide Bur I Impladent

Impladent is proud to offer our #6 Round Carbide Bur. It features:
  • Multiple uses of round burs for dental procedures
  • Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur Kit available at a discounted price
  • Make multiple "bleeders" using the round carbide bur by perforating the lamina dura into the alveolar process to trigger the Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon.

The #6 Round Carbide Bur from our dental supply store is specifically crafted with a rounded head and a medium-coarse grit, making it ideal for contouring, smoothing, and removing material from tooth surfaces. The dental bur's rounded shape allows for precise and controlled removal of tooth structure, providing dental professionals with the flexibility to achieve various tooth preparations with accuracy.

One of the primary uses of the #6 Round Carbide Bur is in the preparation of dental cavities for fillings or restorations. This dental bur's rounded design enables effective removal of decayed or damaged tooth material, creating a clean and precise cavity for the restoration material. Additionally, the round bur can be used for accessing pulp chambers during root canal procedures, allowing for proper cleaning and disinfection of the tooth.

This round carbide bur is also valuable in creating fine details and finishing touches in restorative procedures. It can be employed to smooth rough edges, refine margins, and shape dental materials such as composite resin or porcelain. The versatility of the #6 Round Carbide Bur makes it an essential dental tool for achieving optimal aesthetic and functional results in dental restorations.

Impladent understands the importance of precision and patient comfort in dental procedures. The #6 Round Carbide Bur is engineered with efficient flute design, which helps to eliminate clogging and achieve smoother cutting with reduced vibration. This results in enhanced patient comfort during dental treatments and allows for more efficient and controlled material removal. Shop this top-rated round carbide bur online from our dental supply store today!
  • Best dental supply
  • Compatible with other dental tools
  • Efficient and ergonomic
  • Ships quickly