Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm)
Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur (3.5 mm)
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Product Code: BUR-35

  • 3.5mm Ultra-Coarse Diamond (UCD) Bur for fast and effective socket debridement

  • Multiple use bur can typically be used on up to 100 procedures

  • UCD Debridement Burs are specifically engineered to quickly and effectively grab and remove granulation tissue following tooth extraction

  • Standard latch type connection for your implant motor, optimal results achieved at slow speeds

  • Three step procedure to use with OsteoGen Plugs:
    • Use UCD Bur to remove granulation tissue
    • Use round bur to decorticate socket walls (create bleeding points) through the lamina dura into the alveolar process
    • Graft with OsteoGen Plug - deliver Plug dry into bleeding socket, compress to level of soft tissue, suture over top

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