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A Deep Dive Into OsteoGen Products

OsteoGen Crystals

OsteoGen crystals are used to help with bone growth after oral surgery. These bioactive and resorbable calcium apatite crystals have a composition and structure similar to the human bone to assist with the healing process. Crystal clusters control the migration of connective tissues to help form a strong bond between the existing bone structure and the newly growing bone. Using x-rays, it is easy to determine when a sufficient amount of bone growth has occurred at the extraction site since the crystals become radiopaque within 4-6 months of resorption with the host bone. Once resorbed, the calcium apatite material begins forming an intertwined 360-degree lattice for optimal integration and ample porosity with the existing bone.

OsteoGen Plugs
OsteoGen bone grafting plugs offer a quick, affordable, and efficient way to graft extraction sites. They are composed of a mineral and collagen composition that mimics the structure of human bone and are available in a variety of sizes. The collagen is taken from the Achilles tendon of bovines to closely match the human body's natural recovery materials. These malleable plugs can conform to any grafting site, and their flexibility allows them to fill complex gaps in irregular bony walls. When placed immediately next to implants, these plugs can effectively fill in the remaining gaps and can be layered multiple times to create additional volume as needed. Despite being hydrophobic, these bone grafting plugs are capable of absorbing endogenous blood, and even using it to provide additional mineralized scaffolding to assist with bone growth.

OsteoGen Blocks & Dense Pills
The Osteogen malleable bone block is comprised of resorbable mineralized collagen, similar to their plugs. Also derived from bovine Achilles tendon collagen, this block is effectively a scaled-up version of the plugs, used for securing particulate grafts and filling large defects. OsteoGen Dense pills can also be used for filling larger defects. Mixing these pills with the patient’s blood can help assist the collagen to provide bulk density and add pontic ridge height effectively.

Dental Tools
In addition to the tools needed for the body to recover after a tooth extraction, OsteoGen also provides the various dental and oral surgery tools required for safe and easy extraction. A plug presser is a handy tool that allows near-instantaneous insertion of dense pellets and plugs. Use the presser to apply force on the collagen material by pressing it into the defective site and filling any voids.

OsteoGen stainless steel dental tools have a reputation for durability, ease of use, and precision. The ultra-coarse diamond bur set contains a selection of burs from 1 mm-3.5 mm for debridement and removal of granular materials. They also provide bleeders to start the process and activate the crystals and plugs, in addition to stainless steel pluggers for more precise membrane compression.

With reliable tools in your capable hands, your patients will smile again in no time. For more information on the products we provide, feel free to contact us at (800) 526-9343 / (718) 465-1810.