Profiler® 6-Function Rotary Instrument
Profiler 6-Function Rotary Instrument

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Product Code: PL-PRO8


Profiler® One Instrument - 6 Functions

* The Profiler® is a universal, multifunctional, time saving, rotary instrument

* Can be used in your contra-angle with many implant sustems to create a soft or hard tissue emergence profile.

Product Description

Crestal Reduction: As a rotary instrument, it cuts uneven crestal bone to create a leveled implant osseous platform by moving the drill in a buccal-lingual motion. For gross reduction, the countersink area should be used. A black coating/diamond-like hardened finish maintains the cutting edge.

Osteotomy Locator: Pin-points an osteotomy implant location of choice as the preferred site without slipping.

Osteotomy Lateral Redirection: Observe bucco-lingual cortical bone plates and redirect osteotomy as desired, using 2mm of the cutting edge.

Osteotomy Drill: Drills to a 7mm vertical tapered osteotomy prior to countersinking.

Countersink: Following osteotomy drilling, it countersinks 2mm deeper, in a tapered mode, for the abutment/implant emergence profiler. Countersink area is also used for gross reduction of ridge.

Osteocompression: The upper portion functions as a rotary osteotome to compact the bone in a controlled fashion.