5mm: Fully Threaded (Pack of 5)
5mm: Fully Threaded (Pack of 5)
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Product Code: TRI05

  • The 5mm TriStar screw is fully threaded and designed to be used to secure membranes and the TriStar titanium mesh. The TriStarscrews are sold in packs of 5.
  • Each screw in the TriStarBone Graft Fixation System is self-drilling and does not require the clinician to pre-drill a hole in the host.
  • Each screw also features the Impladent Ltd. tapered SquareLock Connection which provides and ultra secure fit that allows the user to pick up and deliver the screw using only one tool, reduces driver slippage and provides excellent driving torque upon delivery.
  • All short screws (3mm, 4mm and 5mm) are designed to secure titanium mesh and membranes. There is no need to use an additional tool or a mallet to deliver.