10mm: 5mm Threaded / 5mm Unthreaded (Pack of 5)
10mm: 5mm Threaded (Pack of 5)
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Product Code: TRI10

  • All medium length screws (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm) are partially threaded and tapered. These screws are designed to secure bone blocks and as adjustable tenting screws. For bone blocks, the partially unthreaded portion functions as a lag screw and provides intimate contact of the bone to the host. Use a 2.0mm drill to drill through the bone block. Blocks secured by fully threaded screws cannot achieve this level of host adaptability without the thread binding to the block and pulling away from the host.
  • The tapered design on the medium length screws also functions as an Adjustable Tenting Screw allowing the clinician to adjust the height/direction from 1-2mm when used in tenting procedures. Competitor tenting screws have a flat shelf in-between the threaded and unthreaded portions which locks in the height of the tenting portion of the screw. Our tapered design allows the clinician to adjust the height of the “tent-pole” to suit the clinical application.