8.0mm SuperSplint® Removable 15 Degree Angled Abutment
8.0mm SuperSplint Removable 15 Degree Angled Abutment

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Product Code: SSS-R15A8


The SuperSplint™ Prefabricated Immediate Implant Splinting System

*          SuperSplint™ provides a specialized gold bar and abutment mechanism for immediate chair-side implant splinting.

*          Designed for use with the PhysioLock® 3D Immediate Function Implant Stabilization Thread System

*          Utilizes the patient’s existing lower denture for economical day-of-surgery restoration in under 2 hours.

*          No implant parallelism, no clinical impressions, no expensive lab castings required.    


Product Description

Impladent Ltd. introduces the PhysioLock® Osteocompressive Implant System, as a one-piece and two-piece immediately-loaded screw implant for the maxillary and mandibular arches to support fixed or removable prostheses.  For a full denture reconstruction, the SuperSplint™ system provides a splinting mechanism for the immediate stabilization of implants without the need of conventional impression techniques and costly laboratory superstructure.  

The implants utilize a technologically advanced, rounded-thread screw design with a spherical apex (known as sinusoidal), coupled with unique sequential surgical instrumentation to maximize viable bone interface by osteocompression.  By providing greater horizontal Load Bearing Areas (LBA), this implant design distributes stresses uniformly as well as reduces concentration of excessive coronal and apical stresses.  

One-piece PhysioLock® implants are not intended to be used in immediate extraction sites, unless sufficient bone exists to circumvent entire thread area to place bone in compression.  Resorbable bone graft material may be utilized 4-6 months prior to implant surgery.  The PhysioLock® two-piece implant may be indicated for a one or two-stage surgical procedure.

As immediately-loaded one-piece and two-piece implants, the PhysioLock® System uses the precision surgical osteotomy in conjunction with specific implant geometries and MicroPoresTM implant surface technology to achieve Controlled Functional Osteocompression. Implants must be splinted to each other and/or connected to natural abutments following surgery to achieve osseointegration.  Provisional Acrylic Bridges are used as guide-stents for implant placement and alignment, as well as immediate temporary prostheses which should not be removed during initial bone healing.  

Splinting the implants must be maintained at all times to assure a period of favorable bone-implant osseointegration. Please familiarize yourself with our SuperSplint™ System which provides a superstructure as an immediate chair side splinting modality for a full denture prosthesis.

The PhysioLock® Osteocompressive Implant System is intended to be used by dentists thoroughly experienced in oral implantology/implant dentistry.  For those with little or no experience, it is strongly recommended that postgraduate dental implant education be completed to understand the proper indications and techniques for surgical placement of implants and principles of implant based reconstruction.

Should any questions arise concerning the use the PhysioLock® Osteocompressive Implant System, contact our professional Help Desk at 1-800-526-9343.