PhysioLock® Complete Cassette
PhysioLock Complete Cassette

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Product Code: PL-CSC
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1-on-1 training and Surgical Seminar Series.
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PhysioLock® 3D Immediate Stabilization Thread (IST) Cassette

*          Call (800) 526-9343 for pricing and information regarding 1-on-1 training and Surgical Seminar Series.

*          PhysioLock® features both one-piece and two-piece implant modalities.

*          Sinusoidal thread design and aggressive surface provide greater horizontal Load Bearing Areas to maximize bone interface and reduce stresses.

*          Offers 4 implant designs, in 2 diameters and 4 lengths, with removable morse-taper abutments. 


Product Description

The PhysioLock® 3D Immediate Stabilization Thread (IST) implant provides greater load bearing areas (LBA) for success and increases total surface areas (TSA) for immediate bone-to-implant interface for the same osteotomy compared to conventional implants. Its Lock-In anti-rotation thread design using the viscoelastic properties of bone with 3D dilator.  Add OsteoGen® and dilate again followed by a tap to establish an immediate implant to bone interface and avoid waiting for the questionable process of osseointegration.  This is only possible by removing 2.5 mm of bone for the placement of a 4.0mm implant. The MicroGroove abutment provides immediate abutment-to-bone implant interface. The new high performance thermoplastic cassette is color-coded for user-friendly surgical sequencing for each implant length and diameter.  The wide thread implant is suggested for spongy bone or molar area.

Should any questions arise concerning the use the PhysioLock® Osteocompressive Implant System, contact our professional Help Desk at 1-800-526-9343.

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