HeliMend® Advanced Membrane (4-5 month resorption)
Helimend Advanced Membrane
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Notes: All HeliMend Advanced sizes are currently out of stock. The OsteoFlex™ Resorbable Pericardium Membrane for a lower price is in stock.


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HeliMend Advanced Membrane

*The HeliMenD® Advanced resorbable collagen membranes are made from purified bovine tendon.

*These collagen membranes are designed to resorb in approximately 18 weeks (4-5 months), provide wound stabilization and create space during guided tissue regeneration procedures where a longer absorption rate is desired.

*These products are easy to use and have excellent handling characteristics.

*The membrane is very pliable and does not become slippery when hydrated, making it easier for clinicians to properly place the membrane over the defect.

*Each membrane is supplied sterile and in an easy-to-open package.

HeliMend absorbable membranes resorb into the body at a much slower rate than other pericardium membranes. This allows them to continue sealing hollow spaces and preventing additional bleeding for up to 18 weeks. This pliable wound dressing is made from purified bovine Achilles tendon, and it can be easily shaped and mulled to fit just about any extraction site. These collagen membranes become even easier to shape when wet and do not stick to surgical instruments, making them ideal for use in a patient's mouth during bone grafting. Collagen membranes have been widely used in medicine and dentistry due to their high biocompatibility and ability to promote wound healing. HeliMend collagen membranes are absorbed back into the body, providing the additional collagen enzymes needed for the body to naturally repair itself.

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